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I believe single adults deserve the same rights and benefits as their married counterparts.
Equal Taxes. Don't believe The Marriage Penalty Myth. Singles often pay higher taxes and receive fewer benefits than married taxpayers.
Equal Insurance. Most states allow marital status to be used as a rating criterion, allowing to them to charge singles higher rates. If race, religion, color, and national origin are not permitted to be used, why should marital status?
Equal Retirement Benefit Rights. Singles should be able to designate that their benefits go to a surviving domestic partner, parent, or adult child. Today all contributions to a retirement fund by singles are forfeited if they die without a spouse or dependent.
Equal Employee Benefits Programs. Employers often subsidize all or a large portion of health, dental, vision, and other benefits for spouses of married employees without giving similar compensation to unmarried workers in some other form. Singles should have the option of receiving these benefits for live-in partners, roommates, or other dependents, such as parents or other blood relatives who live with them.
Equal Housing Allocations for single military personnel. Today a married soldier can get an additional housing and food subsidy so that he or she can live off the base with a spouse. Single soldiers don't get this. Because of their low pay, they often have to live in barren barracks on a military base. Single soldiers perform the same work as married soldiers and risk their lives just as much. Why are they being paid less?
Equal Unemployment Benefits. Most states allow workers to collect unemployment if they quit their jobs to move to a new area where their spouse is relocated. Usually these benefits are not given to a worker who quits to relocate with a domestic partner.
Equal Travel Costs. The travel industry is focused on couples and families. Singles often have to pay the “dreaded singles supplement,” which can double their cost for a cabin on a cruise or a hotel room. We encourage the travel industry to provide rooms and cabins specifically for singles, at lower cost.



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